Picking the Right Tent for Camping

When you are out in the woods camping with your friends, your tent becomes your temporary home. Depending on the terrain, weather, and period of stay, it is important to choose a tent that best suits you. Whether it is a single-person or a family-size tent that you are looking for, it is important to ensure that the tent offers stability, warmth, security, and space. Unfortunately, tents like many other back country equipment have become highly specialized. This has made it particularly difficult to select the right tent, as you will be spoilt for choices. Let us look at some tips on choosing the right tent.

Consider Number of Campers

Before deciding the type of tent, first consider the number of people who will use the tent. Having a big tent is always advisable because it gives every camper enough space to relax-nobody wants to be packed like a sardine. You need a bigger tent if you have young children or are bringing your family’s feline friends along. You will surely need a large tent if the people you are tagging along toss and turn at night, are well endowed with flesh, sleep better with more than average elbowroom, and are claustrophobic.

Know the season

Try going for a 3-season outdoor tent to be safe. Find Me A Tent has the some of the best tent rentals in Pennsylvania and during the winter it would be a good idea to have them on your speed dial. Different tents are made for different seasons. If it is a winter season, please do not consider the weight of the tent as safety is more important. In this case, you will need a double-walled tent with less venting.

Tent features

Depending on the number of people and the season, you can easily choose tent features that combines well to offer you maximum comfort. If you are considering a party tent rental option, then you need to choose a tent that is tall with near vertical walls. In case, it is during a winter season, then you will also need to choose one that is dome-shaped for added strength.

Tent doors

Another feature that you might want to consider is the number of tent doors. If you are bringing the whole family together with a few friends, then am sure you will not be comfortable with a single-door tent. On the other hand, if you are going camping alone, having a double-door tent may cause me to think that you probably walk in both directions.

Guy out Loops and Gear Loft

Depending on the weather, number of people, and the duration of stay, you might need to consider these accessories. With Guy out lops, you can be assured that there will be no flapping fabrics during high winds. On the other hand, the gear loft will increase living and walking space as well as make your tent safer.


These are just a few tips on choosing the right tent. Weather and personal preferences greatly influence the choice of a tent. For instance, if you are alone camping during the summer, you can choose a tent that is lightweight, has numerous ventilations, and that does not have a Rainfly and you will still be able to enjoy your camping experience. Hope that this guide helps you next time you go camping.

The Best Water-Sports For You to Try


Whether it is paddling through, floating on or sailing across, it is always relaxing and fun to be together with water. Canoes help children skim the lake at their speed while evening cruises can also assist parents escape for an hour or two Swimming with a new friend is an experience that no one would want to forget. If you are searching for fresh styles to fit in a training, while enjoying the water in the lakes, rivers, and oceans, get involved with the following best water sports. Nothing beats being out on the water. And when it come to the best water sports, we have got you covered with the following options.

Paddle surfing

The sports origin can be traced back to Polynesia and the surf Kings of Hawaii. You get to stand on a long board and with the aid of a paddle you propel yourself across the surface of the water. It sounds tame? Watch some few racing videos and you may consider changing your mind. It is a serious sport that develops your balance, strength and endurance. Paddle boarding is not like surfing, it can be done without waves, so enjoy it anywhere, at the beach, river, lake or your cottage.

Scuba diving

Depending on the kind of waters you want to go and enjoy yourself. One of the known places in the World for scuba diving is the Tobago. It has numerous dive sites. Its waters cater for broad levels of experience, providing shallow —reef dives for starters. Diving provides one with excitement and enjoyment that you can never experience anywhere.

Wind Surfing

There’s no greater adventure than skimming across the surface of the water with new found windsurf buddies. If you fancy attempting a water sport that offers your whole body a workout while at one accompanied with wind and water, windsurfing is meant for you Ranging from wave riding to freestyling or even blasting as fast as possible. All you need to do is to strap your kit on to your car and meet up down the beach.


It is among the fastest rising sports in the world, and you can join the fun. Despite the presence of recreational par-sails being present for the past 30 years. The efficient modern designs are ideal for a perfect enjoyment. If you have been around the beach resort destination, I believe you have seen par-sails thrilling riders skyward. All across the nation, most of the luminously colored sails can be observed behind personal sports boats. If still you have never flown the liberty of flight expects you now

Kite Surfing

You can also call it kiteboarding. It is a water sport that has gained fame in Canada and around the world. It involves you are standing on a minor board and you’re close to a big kite that is similar to a mini parachute. The kite clasps the wind, and you start firing across the water, with or without the waves.


daybreak fall 2006

Recreation involves any activity done during your free time either after work or after school to refresh the mind. It may involve activities for children ,young adults and those for adults. This activities are divided into two major groups; indoor and outdoor activities. Adult fun activities include: sports such as golf, fishing, kayaking, taking photographs and hiking while children have keen interests in skating, dancing, playing video games and swimming. Benefits of recreation include: It decrease chances of overweight and obesity.

It contribute to time management Fosters stronger family bonds during family recreation It provide challenges during competitions It helps relieve stress and Enhances a good rapport with diverse sets of people During outdoor activities, one needs to take the following precautions lest the leisure activity turns tragic: Make a point of drinking more water while hiking or riding so as to remain hydrated Always plan and prepare in advance-have a first aid kit…just in case Never go boat riding alone and drunk Let someone know the location of your outdoor activity

On the other hand, recreation can be misused leading to adverse effects. Misuse of leisure/recreation involves abuse of drugs, gossiping, gambling, idling and getting involved in bad behavior such as smoking or criminal activities. This is common among the youth who gang up in corners and harass passersby.
Young and prosperous ladies engage in parties an get drunk o the extent of blubbering about other peoples personal lives. Not to forget those who engage in professional sex just for fun!! It doesn’t break a bone for you to just take up hobbies such as photography or singing.

Join a support group to engage in your peer empowerment or simply visit an orphanage to tutor the less fortunate students for free. Not only will you be making good use of your recreation time but you will also be molding yourself into a good role-model for your peers. One can also take up recreation jobs such as outdoor recreation planner…there’s nothing good that beats making money during your free time.

Others may opt for backpacking or traveling abroad for recreation. All I can say is pack light and travel safe. Use you money wisely by avoiding overspending. Stick to your budget( shun from impulse purchasing of goods) and also take up jobs that may help save extra coins to visit places that may have not been included in your budget