Recreation involves any activity done during your free time either after work or after school to refresh the mind. It may involve activities for children ,young adults and those for adults. This activities are divided into two major groups; indoor and outdoor activities. Adult fun activities include: sports such as golf, fishing, kayaking, taking photographs and hiking while children have keen interests in skating, dancing, playing video games and swimming. Benefits of recreation include: It decrease chances of overweight and obesity.

It contribute to time management Fosters stronger family bonds during family recreation It provide challenges during competitions It helps relieve stress and Enhances a good rapport with diverse sets of people During outdoor activities, one needs to take the following precautions lest the leisure activity turns tragic: Make a point of drinking more water while hiking or riding so as to remain hydrated Always plan and prepare in advance-have a first aid kit…just in case Never go boat riding alone and drunk Let someone know the location of your outdoor activity

On the other hand, recreation can be misused leading to adverse effects. Misuse of leisure/recreation involves abuse of drugs, gossiping, gambling, idling and getting involved in bad behavior such as smoking or criminal activities. This is common among the youth who gang up in corners and harass passersby.
Young and prosperous ladies engage in parties an get drunk o the extent of blubbering about other peoples personal lives. Not to forget those who engage in professional sex just for fun!! It doesn’t break a bone for you to just take up hobbies such as photography or singing.

Join a support group to engage in your peer empowerment or simply visit an orphanage to tutor the less fortunate students for free. Not only will you be making good use of your recreation time but you will also be molding yourself into a good role-model for your peers. One can also take up recreation jobs such as outdoor recreation planner…there’s nothing good that beats making money during your free time.

Others may opt for backpacking or traveling abroad for recreation. All I can say is pack light and travel safe. Use you money wisely by avoiding overspending. Stick to your budget( shun from impulse purchasing of goods) and also take up jobs that may help save extra coins to visit places that may have not been included in your budget