How The World Is Changing With LED Screens

Ever thought of the current world without LED screens? This great innovation in the world we are living in, is a plus in many sectors one among them, communication. An LED screen is a video display which uses light emitting diodes as pixels. Typically they are used outdoors in store signs and billboards. In the recent past, the have commonly become useful in destination signs on public transport vehicles.

LED displays have the ability to provide a visual display in addition to general illuminate. Apart from being used for informational purposes, LED displays can be used for decoration purposes and stage lighting.

led wall rental display

There are different types of LED displays with each serving several functions. They include:

LED Video Screen

Need a screen for your game day? Consider looking for LED video screen. There are different models each modified for a particular purpose and area of application. These large screen displays can be fitted in venues to project events for the audience. These displays can be classified into many categories among them: outdoor displays and indoor displays. Outdoor displays are fitted on the outside of a building or erected on posts. They can be used for adverts, communication among other possible uses.

Indoor displays serve all the purposes of an outdoor display, but the difference is the audience and the location. They are fitted in an enclosed area e.g. an arena and can be viewed by only those in the enclosed area.

LED Wall Rental

If you desire your upcoming event to be a memorable one to everyone, then you should think of renting a display wall. LED wall rental display walls are visual displaying platforms that are for leasing or renting. The rental aspect comes in to cater for those in need of screens but have none fitted in their premises or cannot afford one. They are also perfect for one-time users. The displays are created by arranging several screens onto a lateral wall of screens. Once you rent one, you will be provided with on-site technicians, programmers, and professional installation crews to ensure your display wall delivers to your expectations. They are perfect for corporate events, meetings, trade shows, conventions, conferences, lobbies, broadcasts, digital signage, theater presentations and any indoor event.


A jumbotron also referred to as jumbovision is a large-television display typically used in sports stadiums and concert venues for an apparent show of close-up shots of the event. It is considered as one of the largest video screens that are not projected, to be manufactured. This kind of displays formerly was a trademark and product of Sony. But later Sony dropped the production under the name, and it turned to be its generic name in the markets. They offer many merits that accompany their great nature. Clarity and audience visual satisfaction are top most quality. They are perfect for bigger events.

Mobile LED Screen

These type of displays are popular at outdoor events for their flexibility and spectacular mobility. Mobile displays are the perfect communication solutions for extending audience reach and the maximization of an event’s impact. They provide the highest level of audience accessibility, and you never have to limit yourself to a permanent display or location. They are perfect for government communications, advertisements, political campaigning, etc.

Los Angeles LED screen rentals are utilized in many industries for different applications. These light sources are environmentally friendly. When hosting an event, it’s always good to conduct a beforehand evaluation of your audience, budget, period, and location to determine the best LED screen to use.